Truth × Care: How is Life for Children and Parents in Prague?

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Curator: Alžběta Brůhová, Klára Brůhová, Karina Hoření, Adéla Pečlová

A city that is user-friendly to various groups of inhabitants is an idea frequently discussed in recent years. For VI PER Gallery, we prepared an exhibition that focuses on the life of small children and their parents in Prague. How do they get around, and where do they go? Where do they find it pleasant, and where is it the opposite? Is this a city for everyone?

To find answers for these questions, we prepared a questionnaire for parents who frequently spend time with small children in Prague’s public spaces. Answers were supplied by 236 parents of pre-school-aged children. The themes that emerged from the investigation were then analysed by an interdisciplinary team with the following members: Alžběta Brůhová (architect), Klára Brůhová (architectural historian), Karina Hoření (sociologist), Adéla Pečlová (architect) and Jakub Plachý (illustrator).

The exhibit that you now see is the outcome of our analysis, yet equally a materialised commentary on the theme of space for everyone. The exhibit is conceived so that you can freely walk or run through it, take part in a game (following the rules of Parcheesi), or even simply take time to relax or play around. If you need to change a nappy, breastfeed, prepare formula or heat up baby food, the exhibition space has the facilities available.

Truth × Care hopes to bring to life, using the gallery as a training playground, the idea of a city more open for all.

Graphic design and illustration: Jakub Plachý

Photo: Peter Fabo


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