Matej Gavula: Corner in Focus

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Curator: Daniel Grúň

An urban flaneur, by pure chance, apprehends the gallery situated at the corner and begins to observe it from the street. Then, he decides to enter and continues observation, now of the empty walls. Observing the walls as hollow boxes with soft-edged corner pieces, copying the principle of the corner. This otherwise banal and humdrum phenomenon becomes the subject of artworks in which the theme is nothing more than the sculptural formation of the point where the edges of three surfaces converge. The sculptures, the objects, the films of Matej Gavula are based on the investigation of the phenomena preceding architecture, or arising in the process of its transformation into ruins. Captivation with form originating in geometry is realized, in his works using a variety of materials, through highly varied processes. The exhibited artworks are the result of carving into stone, pouring out molten metals, or polishing marble. All classical sculptural approaches. And dealing with these processes, often demanding much strength and time, is reflected into a meditation on stone itself. The aristocratic heritage of craftwork in stone lies in its parallels with the long-term process of nature. Matej Gavula, as a tireless flaneur, examines the longue durée of the urban landscape. In turn, these reflections shift to various “corner” associations, among many others even those of the space of VI PER Gallery itself.

Special guest: Ján Gašparovič

Matej Gavula (*1972, Bratislava) is a visual artist active in Bratislava. He graduated from the department of stone sculpture at the Secondary School of Applied Arts and then studied at the Bratislava Academy of Fine Arts in the Glass Atelier. He works in the media of sculptures and objects, videos, and performance. In recent years, he has presented his work at such exhibitions as Exploding Star (with Ján Gašparovič), New Synagogue of Žilina (curator Daniel Grúň, 2023); Promenáda [Promenade], Kunsthalle Bratislava (curator Lýdia Pribišová, 2021–22); Dom obradov [House of Rituals] Gallery Tabačka, Košice (curator Samuel Velebný, 2021); Homo Faber, Július Koller Society, Bratislava, (curator Daniel Grúň, 2020); Sú dané: Park, Fontána [They Are Given: Park, Fountain], East Slovakian Gallery, Košice (curator Peter Tajkov, 2020); Abrazívna spoločnosť [Abrasive Society],, Bratislava (curator Judit Angel, 2019); Otras, HotDock Project Space, Bratislava (2019); Stratená forma/Blind Mould, SODA gallery, Bratislava (2018); Neustále rastúce horizontálne podzemné stonky – Geopoetika v časoch antropocénu [Continuously Growing Horizontal Underground Stems – Geopoetics in Times of Anthropocene], Galéria Plusmínusnula, Žilina (2017); as well as Mám rada pozornosť [I Take Pleasure in Attention] Central Slovak Gallery in Banská Bystrica (curator Zuzana L. Majlingová, 2018); Pretty Soon If This Keeps Up I’m Going to Have to Envelop the Entire Universe, Gdańsk City Gallery (curators Piotr Stasiowski and Jaro Varga, 2018); Panfília [Panphilia], Zahorian & Van Espen, Bratislava (curator Daniel Grúň, 2016); or Shell Game, MeetFactory, Praha (curators Lucia Gavulová and Jaro Varga, 2017).

Exhibition photos: Peter Fabo


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