Vladimír Kočí: The Great Change of Relations Regarding Architecture – Sustainability, Materials and Ecology

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Architecture is a creative discipline that influences our environment for long periods of time. It has an important role to play from the perspectives of society, economy and ecology. The widespread perception of the responsibility of human activities across sectors, industries and economic relations brings a number of new impulses to architecture – but not only there. Environmental protection is no longer just about compliance with legal regulations, but also about new rules for supplier-customer relationships, and also raw material and national security.

Vladimír Kočí is the Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Technology at the University of Chemistry and Technology (UCT) in Prague. He is the pioneer of the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method in the Czech Republic, which aims to lead to a reduction in the environmental damage of industrial activities and an increase in the quality of human life. He is a lecturer at the UCT and also at the Czech Technical University, Charles University and in Prague. His research and publication activities focus on the development of environmentally friendly industry, power engineering and economic activities and management. In addition to working on scientific projects, he cooperates with many industrial enterprises, non-profit organizations and the local governments in the Czech Republic.

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