Planetary Home Improvement: From Just-in-time to Geological Time (online lecture)

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This talk will feature Planetary Home Improvement co-curators Christine Giorgio, Gabriel Vergara and Amelyn Ng, alongside collaborator Nathan Davis. Taking the exhibition as a point of departure, themes of deep time and just-in-time geology will be explored in a broader context, relative to their individual research and practices. Neyran Turan, founding partner of NEMESTUDIO, will be a respondent for this event.

Christine Giorgio is trained as both a filmmaker and an architect. Her work investigates the nature of obsession as a design practice where the unmaking and remaking of images and objects is central to her design language.
Gabriel Vergara is a Chilean architect and urban designer. Through collaborative research and practice, he seeks to develop design processes that amplify voices to empower communities and make underrepresented narratives visible.
Amelyn Ng is a registered Australian architect, cartoonist, and Assistant Professor of Architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design. Her work explores architecture as media—as environmental matter, and as the representation of spatial information—and seeks capacities for counter-narratives and non-canonical knowledge.
Nathan Davis is a composer, sound artist and educator. Inspired by natural processes and acoustic phenomena, he makes music that elucidates essential characters of instruments and the fragile athleticism of playing them.
Neyran Turan is an Associate Professor of Architecture at the University of California-Berkeley and founding a partner at NEMESTUDIO. Turan's scholarship draws on alternative forms of environmental imagination within architecture and urbanism and their capacity to prompt new aesthetic and political lines of inquiry for the design disciplines.


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