Public Space is Us: A Walk with Markéta Kinterová with a Workshop for Children

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Public Space Is Us: A walk with Markéta Kinterová with a simultaneous workshop for children

Eyes wide open for the city – from Karlín to Corso
A walk for adults with borrowed headphones
For children of all ages, including the possibility of attending a simultaneous workshop led by Viktoria Vítů in the VI PER Gallery
Duration: 30 min walk + 15 min discussion
Meeting point: Gallery VI PER, route: to Corso Karlín and back

Are you interested in how Corso Karlín and its surroundings can be viewed from a new perspective? We will take a look at these spaces using sight, bodily sensations and hearing. It is the guide's headphones that will be an integral part of the walk for participants, so that together we can focus on a sharpened perception of the city and how it speaks to us. Our body is, in a way, a public space and vice versa. In other words, in being in the city, we provide our bodies to the public and demonstrate our fitness to be in public through movement. Public space is not around us. Public space is us. Performed by artist Markéta Kinterová in relation to her book Kam oči, tam hlava, dedicated to the visual overload of public space.

Does it matter or not if you are small – a workshop for children (of all ages or for very young children accompanied by their parents), led by Viktoria Vítů
Duration: 30-45 min

Most often we perceive our surroundings with our eyes. What happens when we involve our whole body in the perception of space? And how do we do it? We will draw a line around our own figure on a large piece of paper. Into it, we will draw or write different ideas that we come up with while talking about the city.

Introductory photo: Jan Heller


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Czech Republic
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